SAZANKA Robotics, formed by only junior high, and high school members in Japan, was founded three years ago in 2020. We participate in the world's largest middle and high school robotics competition, the FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC)

Our members join the team based on the same principles that sparked the beginning of FIRST® Robotics—interest in science and technology. We take pride in the familial bonds among our team members. The technical team's hardware and software divisions, along with the operations team, closely interact, collaborate, maintain a professional mindset, and support each other wholeheartedly, even in challenging situations.

We prioritize the safety of our work, our creations' innovation, and our designs' excellence. We are dedicated to an elegant professionalism that extends to the local community.

Your support is greatly appreciated!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through the contact form or at

Team Mission

・We will participate in FRC2024
・Increasing connections and interest between students and society

・Expanding opportunities for children to interact with robots from a young age.

Main activities

Robot making

For FRC participation, we conduct robot fabrication from January to March. During other periods, we engage in community service activities such as hosting workshops and participating in exhibitions. Additionally, we hold online meetings at least once a week.

Off-season (outside the robot fabrication period)

During this time, our focus shifts to recruitment (member recruitment) and outreach (community service activities). In 2022, we organized workshops to create a device for measuring temperature and humidity, and an electronic organ. We diversified the target age group, including elementary school students, and decorated the activity venue (venue) based on the workshop period. We also participate in exhibitions and engage in online exchanges with foreign teams during this period. Additionally, we carried out activities such as conducting crowdfunding campaigns.

Build season (robot fabrication period)

During this period, we fabricate the robot for the competition. The rules for the competition are announced at the beginning of January, and we have approximately three months to fabricate the robot. Since the rules are presented in English, we begin by collaborating with the other Japanese teams to translate them into Japanese. Additionally, to practice moving the robot, we may seek cooperation from universities or municipalities. From February onwards, we gather at the activity venue for robot fabrication at least four times a week and conduct online meetings at least twice a week.

About support

Team composition

We have 10 members ranging from 2nd year of middle school to 2nd year of high school, and 5 mentors of 3rd year of high school and above. The main activity location is Array Corporation's Space R in Yoyogi.
We are looking for members and mentors to work with us.