FIRST LEGO LEAGUE 後記 メンターの協力!!/ Postscript to FIRST LEGO LEAGUE - The Mentor's Assistance!!

昨年の12月にFIRST LEGO LEAGUE(FLL)に参加しました。(その時のブログはこちらから)
Sazankaは競技には出場せず、FIRST Robotics Competition(FRC)のブースを設けていただき、サザンカの紹介をしました。

ブースにはFIRST Robotics CompetitionでRookie Game Changer Awardを受賞した時にいただいた、トロフィーと盾を置きました。




Written by こゆ

I participated in FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) last December. (You can read about it in my blog here.)
SAZANKA Robotics didn't compete in the tournament, but we set up a booth.

At the booth, we displayed the trophy and shield that we received when we won the Rookie Game Changer Award at the FRC.
A week before the FLL, we had a problem of who would bring the trophy and shield.
At that time, they were at the house of the current mentor who participated in the FRC.

However, the mentor couldn't come to the FLL venue on that day because of personal reasons!
So the question became, how could we bring the trophy and shield to the FLL venue?
In the end, another mentor received the trophy and shield on a different day and delivered them to the FLL venue!
The members were very busy with school events and such, so we were really grateful!!

This year, we will work together with the members to make progress on building the robot so that we can win an award again!

Written by Koyu


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